Don't Put Off Your Next Oil Change

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Getting your oil change can be a hassle. You have to find time out of your busy schedule to have it done, pay to have it done or else pay for the oil and filter to do it yourself, and actually remember to do it. Most people put it off and wait far too long to have their oil changed, which can be costly.

Why Do I Need To Get My Oil Changed?

Your engine's oil works extremely hard. Not only does it lubricate the engine's parts, but it also cools it down and cleans out any debris that makes its way inside the engine. Because of all of this work, the oil will get dirty, thin, and/or sludgy over time and that's why it needs to be changed. Imagine thick, sludgy oil trying to go through your engine's delicate parts; the image doesn't look good, does it?

When Should I Have My Oil Changed?

If you wait too long without changing your oil it will cause more expensive engine damage. Every vehicle is different when it comes to the recommended time line and, depending on what type of roads you drive on, how you drive, and how much you drive, this time line will change. On average, newer vehicles should have their oil changed 5,000 to 7,500 miles and older models every 3,000 miles. Most newer cars will alert you when the oil needs to be changed by having a light on you dash pop up, but to get a better idea, you should check your vehicle's owner's manual.

How Long Will My Oil Change Take?

At most garages or service centers an oil change takes about 15 to 20 minutes. This time may vary depending on how busy the service center is, if you had an appointment, and if you've asked for any other maintenance to be performed at the same time.

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