Here are the Best Off-Road Jeep Trails near Marshall, TX

While it’s a thrill to cruise up and down the Texas highways, Jeep owners know that the real fun begins once you’re off-road. Unfortunately, you can’t just bank off the main roads whenever you feel like it (though it’d be great if you could), but the good news is that Marshall drivers have options when it comes to off-road parks around them.

If you’re a seasoned local, you’ll probably recognize the name Gator Run. It’s the largest off-road park in all of Texas, clocking in at 5,250 acres and is located just 30 minutes from downtown Marshall. It features a variety of terrain types and difficulty levels to accommodate you no matter what your experience might be. Plus, if you want to stay overnight, you can do so on one of 70 deluxe campsites with water and electricity or if you want the pure experience, feel free to pitch a tent where it suits you.

If you’re willing to drive a little bit, you can hit up the Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area or Primitive Acres Guest Ranch, both of which are just an hour drive from Longview and Tyler. Barnwell Mountain’s trails were designed by an all-volunteer team for a variety of difficulty levels Primitive Acres features a plethora of trails, creeks, gullies, washes, hills, and camping options.

If you’re not a current Jeep owner in Shreveport and these trails sound great to you, feel free to check out our robust inventory of new and used Jeep vehicles, including the award-winning Wrangler.

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