Ram’s Redesign of their Heavy-Duty Lineup Reinvents Everything We Know About the Brand

It’s not all the time you associate the word “redesign” with something like Ram Trucks, which come out with new iterations on an annual basis. Things are quite different for the 2019 lineup, as the manufacturer has seemingly gone back to the drawing board to rethink a lot of very vital components to the Heavy-Duty truck experience. Drivers around Shreveport and Longview need to pay attention.

It all begins under the hood as Ram’s elite engineering team has managed to break the 1,000 pounds-foot of torque threshold thanks to its all-new 6.7-liter Cummins High Output Turbo Diesel engine. The new engine is also capable of up to 35,100 pounds of towing and 7,680 pounds of payload.

All of these figures are best-in-class.

Marshall drivers that choose to go with a Ram Heavy Duty truck will also enjoy the benefit of a much better view of their surroundings. A new 360-degree camera and auxiliary exterior camera grant a significantly enhanced sense of visibility with trailer reverse guidance and custom positioning in and behind the trailer you’re hauling.

Customers from Tyler can come in for a test drive on any one of our Ram Heavy Duty models. We have a friendly and courteous staff with an industry expert-level knowledge, so any questions you have, they can answer.

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