Jeeps are known for their 4X4 capabilities. Their SUVs are made to be able to take you on any adventure you want to go on. Our team in Marshall, TX near Shreveport can help you find the Jeep model that is the best fit for your adventuring needs.

The Jeep Renegade and Compass

The Jeep Renegade and the Compass can come with two 4X4 systems. They can come with Jeep's Active Drive 4X4 system and the Active Drive Low 4X4 system. The standard Active Drive system is perfect for use in inclement weather we get in Longview, while the Active Drive Low system is found exclusively on the Trailhawk trim, and it is for taking on serious offroad obstacles.

Jeep Cherokee

Next up is Cherokee, and it offers three different 4X4 systems. The first is Active Drive I 4X4, and this system is great for detecting slippage at any of the wheels and sending more power to increase traction. The next system is Active Drive II 4X4, and it comes with all of the features of the preceding system but also comes with a low range mode that increases power for more traction in low-speed situations. The final system is the Active Drive Lock 4X4 system, and it comes with all of the features of the previous systems while incorporating a mechanical rear axle lock to improve off-road performance.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee is up next, and it comes with four different 4X4 systems to choose from. The first is Quadra-Drive II, and it is a full-time 4X4 system that can send all of the Grand Cherokees torque to one wheel if needed. The next system is Quadra-Trac I 4X4, and it provides a good balance of on and off-road traction. Quadra-Trac II comes with a two-speed low transfer case that can be controlled using individual driving modes depending on the terrain. Finally, Quadra-Trac SRT is made specifically for the Grand Cherokee SRT to handle the immense power that these vehicles produce.

Jeep Wrangler

Last in Jeep's lineup is the iconic Wrangler. The Wrangle only has two 4X4 systems available. The first is called Command-Trac 4X4, and it gives you great control whether you are on the street or the trails. The second system found on the Wrangler is called Rock-Trac 4X4, and it is found on the Rubicon model. This 4X4 system gives you more torque and comes with a 4:1 low gear, which is great for rock crawling.

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