The New Ram ProMaster is a textbook example of an extremely customizable cargo van. Our team in Marshall, TX near Longview can help you configure the ProMaster to be optimized for your line of work.

Customization Made Easy

There are four basic body styles that the Ram ProMaster can come in. The Chassis cab is a barebones example of a commercial vehicle, and it gives you a blank slate to make the ProMaster your own. The Chassis cab only comes with two seats and a blank chassis behind the cab. Next up is the Cutaway body style, which is very similar to a chassis cab, but it doesn't have an enclosed cabin. Next, there is the standard roof cargo van. This is the most common ProMaster, and it works great for running your business out of.

If you need more space you can go with a high roof cargo or a window van. These body styles give you more interior room and are more suitable for hauling passengers around Tyler. These are not the only body styles available, and our team can work with you to help you create the commercial cargo van that works best for your needs.

Space for All Your Needs

A great benefit of using a ProMaster for work is the sheer amount of space it offers. The ProMaster can have up to 460 cubic feet of space for you to use, and it is all easy to access with the wide-swinging rear doors on the ProMaster. The ProMaster is full of features to make it more convenient for you. It comes with a backup camera as standard, and you can get it with swiveling front seats to allow for easy access to your equipment in the back. The ProMaster can also be used for some light towing around town if you need to use a small trailer for work.

Visit Patterson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to Learn More

Overall the ProMaster stands out as one of the most customizable cargo vans on the market. If you want to get a feel for how it handles, or you want help in building your own ProMaster, stop by Patterson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. We look forward to working with you soon!

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