dodge ram vs gmc sierra

Truck drivers have never had it better. To be quite honest, there are a lot of fantastic options out there. Across the board, the auto manufacturers have really stepped up their game in efforts to lure drivers from their longstanding truck loyalties across the aisle to competitors. And they’re doing a pretty good job at it. You can find a lot of different combinations of luxury and power, or towing strengths and off-road capabilities. The auto manufacturers are making it hard for drivers to make their choice. More and more frequently, it seems that choice comes down to just a couple of small decision points. Just the slightest edge in style, substance, or value can make the difference to a truck buyer.

One of the main full-size truck competitions on the road today is between the GMC Sierra and the Dodge Ram. Both have great offerings in the marketplace and have done a lot of work on the outside and under the hood to put their best foot forward in recent years. But in the end, one comes out just in front of the other.


Let’s be honest and get it out of the way from the beginning. Whether we want to admit it or not, the sticker price is what we all look at before anything else. And the MSRP is maybe the one area where these two aren’t so close. The Dodge Ram comes in more than $10,000 less than the GMC Sierra for a comparable model.

Comfort, Features, and Technology

Then there are the creature comforts we all love. Most of us probably won’t be on a dirt road every day with our trucks, but the ride quality is still important. From city streets to those off-road situations, the GMC has a great ride quality – shocks and suspension tuned to handle anything thrown its way with relative ease. However, the Ram is truly superb. It glides on the highway and floats over rocks and rough terrain. The GMC Sierra has comfortable seats that are totally satisfactory for a quick trip to town or a long road trip. And the GMC infotainment system is easy to use for all ages. But the Ram is just a step above. The large seats are spacious and comfortable – they cradle you in front and in back. The technology and infotainment system are unrivaled across all truck brands, and they match the rest of a plush cabin that feels more like a luxury car than a truck.


Even still, with all that comfort inside, the Ram has higher towing and hauling capacities than the Sierra and most every other rival. And, even though the Ram can pull more and do it more easily, it gets better highway and city gas mileage than the GMC Sierra.

The Dodge Ram is ranked #1 among Full-Size Trucks by U.S. News and World Report for a reason. It offers value, luxury, modern design and features, safety and passenger protection technology, and a monster power plant all in one beautiful package. Don’t get us wrong – the GMC Sierra is a great truck. But the Ram crosses the finish line a little in front, and that’s why it takes home the checkered flag.

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