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Rumors are swirling and it looks like the new RAM Hellcat-powered pickup could dethrone the Ford Raptor. Dodge is no stranger to the world of powerful trucks. Anyone with even a passing interest in trucks will be extremely familiar with the outstanding reputation of the Dodge RAM series of automobiles. Although it’s been rumored that several automakers have been looking to create new offerings to compete with the Raptor, it looks like Dodge has discovered a winning formula for producing the perfect truck, based on the latest news regarding the production of the Rebel TRX. What kind of tricks does this truck have up its sleeve? Let's take a look at the latest information on the 2021 RAM Rebel TRX.

Everything We Know About The 2021 RAM Rebel TRX


According to industry insiders, the upcoming RAM Rebel TRX is going to be an offroad specialist thanks to a rugged building and an industry-leading drivetrain. Since its debut in 2016 as a concept truck at the State Fair of Texas, the RAM Rebel TRX has turned heads at an astonishing rate. Now, four years later, the industry is finally preparing for the arrival of this fabled vehicle. 

2021 RAM Rebel TRX vs. 2021 Ford Raptor


Perhaps one of the most astonishing surprises that we’ve learned recently regarding the RAM Rebel TRX is the arrival of the 707 horsepower Hellcat engine. This unreal power, combined with over 650 pounds of torque, could embarrass the competition. Although the Ford Raptor is commonly considered the primary “competitor” to the RAM series, the awesome specs on the new RAM Rebel TRX might end the debate about which truck is the leader of the pack. Rumor also has it that the RAM Rebel TRX’s Hellcat engine will be equipped with a supercharger, creating even more bang for your buck. 

2021 RAM Rebel TRX Release Date


As of yet, we’re unsure as to when exactly we can expect the RAM Rebel TRX to find its way to the showroom floor. Industry experts are predicting that the RAM Rebel TRX will make its official debut sometime this summer, which would most likely act as the opening act for sales beginning in the first quarter 2021. However, it’s not known for sure if recent interruptions will cause delays.

The Rebel TRX was supposed to be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show, which was unfortunately canceled. Now, it’s possible that this monster of a truck could be unveiled at the end of June. Production could have started in September 2020, but recent delays could push this back to October 2020.

What Will RAM Rebel TRX Cost?


Understandably, many people are curious as to what the price tag on a truck this powerful will be. Believe it or not, it seems likely that Dodge will position the Rebel as a direct competitor to the latest Ford Raptor. Pricing details aren’t known, but it has been speculated that pricing will fall broadly between $50,000 and $80,000. For a truck with these specs and a Hellcat V-8 engine, this price range could be an absolute bargain!


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