Dodge Cars in Marshall, TX

Learn All About the Dodge Cars For Sale in Marshall, TX

Dodge is brand well-versed in crafting performance cars ready to get the driver's heart pumping, and you can find just that with our new Dodge models for sale near Shreveport. Our dealership has a large selection of new Dodge cars and SUVs so that you have your choices over the color, engine, and trim level of the Dodge model you have your eye on. From classic muscle cars to family-friendly minivans, the Dodge lineup has lots to offer and learn about, which you can do with the info and highlights we've provided below!

Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger is our four-door performance car that offers both thrills and ease-of-use while having many technologies to enjoy. These new Dodge Charger offers have a classic muscle car look, especially with hood vents and racing stripes, and performance to back it all up. Want the most power from your performance car? The Dodge Charger SRT® Hellcat comes with a 6.2-liter HEMI V8 boasting 707 horsepower as well as performance brakes and other aspects to keep you in control of that beast. Plus, with four doors, the Dodge Charger makes loading in five passengers easy so that all can enjoy the captivating power and stunning interiors of the thrilling model.

Dodge Challenger

Only need two doors for your muscle car? The Dodge Challenger is another performance car near Longview with looks sure to capture the attention of all onlookers. And, if the looks don't draw them in, the engine roar sure will. Speaking of the engine, the Dodge Challenger offers an array of them, and it includes the high-output 6.2-liter HEMI V8 that puts out 717 horsepower in the two-door Challenger. This model has a classic muscle car feel and look to it, but our new Dodge Challengers provide modern tech that improves performance even further while also providing convenience as you search for a song or directions to your destination.

Dodge Durango

If you're looking for track-ready performance, but need a larger vehicle, our Dodge Durango offers are the thrilling SUVs to check out. The stylish Durango is another Dodge model offering sporty accents such as racing stripes and a hood vent, and it also has V8 engines to make any drive one that excites. Along with allowing the Dodge Durango to race ahead of the pack, these engines help drivers tow over 8,000 pounds in the new Durango. Plus, our Dodge Durango offers are still great for families as it provides a functional cabin space, safety features, and ways for kids to stay entertained!

Dodge Journey

Like the Durango, the Dodge Journey is a three-row SUV, but it doesn't focus as much on thrills. That's not to say the new Journey isn't fun to drive as it is still plenty capable with its V6 engine and is a more efficient SUV option for those craving value. In short, the new Dodge Journey is a wonderful SUV for those families with lots on their plate since it's the most versatile vehicle on our lot!

Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Grand Caravan is the lone new minivan at our Marshall Dodge dealership, and it's the most capable family-carrier of our models. The Dodge Grand Caravan seats up to eight while keeping storage space for everything from school bags to toys to camping gear. It makes long road trips easy on both the driver, with its driver-assist features, and the kids in the back, with entertainment systems for games, movies, and more!

Explore Our Selection of Dodge Models for Sale Near Tyler

Our Marshall Dodge dealership has a wide selection of new muscle cars and SUVs for sale, which you can see for yourself when you visit. Want a first-hand experience of the performance you can find in a new Dodge? We can give you a look around and let you test drive our Dodge models for sale so that you know all to expect from them!